modules coded in the year 1996

Early Bird
style: natural jungle
easy mood – playing around with bird samples. kind of love
romance …

Are You
style: smoking ragga jungle
that style of ragga jungle was in time, i like the whakematic beats at the end of it.

style: whacked grooves
think this should be originated in 1995, but stuffed it here. call it triphop.
got nice synth stabs and bass in it

Boon Inna Jungle
style: simple jungle | size: 409 kb
well a remix of the one above, but with uptempo breaks added.

Circle The Universe
style: tricky intelligent dnb | size: 371 kb
hm maybe i should open a 1995 directory, i think this is also done in
this year. you know the movie dark star. that is what can could happen to it.

Der Zaun
style: deranged grooves | size: 342 kb
ha, german vocal sample from tv. totaly weired. more the slower thing
of a groove.

style: kind a rap thing | size: 352 kb
this one has too german vocals. way back in the 60ties. they are
collecting everything about you, dont they. cruel hip hop !

Bass Lover
style: modern dub | size: 276 kb
what a trancy kind of dub…

Dreadfull Day
style: jungle | size: 673 kb
my first hit ! this one got taped here in hamburg very often.
as i remember this was my real first jungle track ever. done
in januar 96 as i came home at three o`clock very pissed.

Dub A Dub
style: jungle | size: 314 kb
that jungle dub science you love.

Duck and Cover
style: atomic dnb | size: 608 kb
very dramatic atom bomb and bass. nearly a symphonie.

Raise My Eyeglass
style: trip hop | size: 200 kb
the titel sayes it all. starts like a rock song or something…
later there are many fucked up breaks and bass lines.

Transformer Flash
style: transformer breakbeat | size: 200 kb
in memory of the crossfader pioneers !

style: funny tune | size: 70 kb
a strange little melody marsch music 😉

style: mindwiped dnb | size: 979 kb
one two three i got an ego it wont let me do what i wanna do.
lacka-clacka jungle with 808 bass bombs. well kong-fu style breaks.

Light A Luv Bomb
style: tranced grooves | size: 277 kb
this track got a smooth silent feeling. like the one i had that night
i did it. its again trip hop something like that.

Love Style
style: breakbeat rave | size: 405 kb
well i thank mister joe for his great raggae tape. that is real rave
breakbeat music with a euphoric ecstatic vibe 😉

style: romantic grooves | size: 314 kb
something you here to a cup of tea. good scratch simulation in this one.

style: massive dub | size: 219 kb
big time rock and roll attack. well not really rock.

style: noise and breaks | size: 379 kb
claustrophobic cruel trip bop. hey this is good.

style: just dnb | size: 390 kb
another sentimental drum and bass frickle track.

Skip The Tide
style: whack jungle dnb | size: 266 kb
remix of a mod by meance. rude bwoy style ?

We Can Win
style: hardcore jungle | size: 257 kb
punk goes breakbeat.

style: jungle dnb of darkside | size: 371 kb
another amen dope track. sounds a little bit out of beat.