dj/rupture : uproot

DJ/Rupture : Uproot & Uproot: The Ingredients – cd / mp3

01. Baby Kites and Nokea “Reef”
02. Clouds “Elders”
03. Istari Lasterfahrer “Bang Soundboy”
04. Nokea “Cassava”
05. Atki2 “Winter Buds”
06. Maga Bo “Homeboys feat. Max Normal”
07. Clouds “Too Much”
08. Ekstrak “Mass Dampers”
09. Frescoe “Afghanistan”
10. Iron Shirt “Gave You All My Love (Matt Shadetek´s I Gave You All My Dub remix)”
11. Jenny Jones “Capilano Bridge”
12. Ekkehard Ehlers “Plays John Cassavettes pt. 2”
13. Stalker “Radios Et Announceurs”
14. Ghislain Poirier “Ignadjossi feat. Jhonel”
15. Filastine “Hungry Ghosts (instrumental)”
16. Scuba “Braille Diving”
17. Quest “Mirage” ; Team Shadetek “Brooklyn Anthem (acapella)”
18. Shackleton “Naked” ; Brent Arnold “Erhu Solo”
19. Timeblind “Strategy Decay” ; MagaBo “3akel (acapella)”
20. Moving Ninja “Uranium”
21. Professor Shehab + lloop “Drunken Monkey (Ambient Remix)”
22. Dead Leaf “Save from the Flames All That Yet Remains”
23. We™ “Second-Hand Science”

one release is the mix by dj/rupture and the others the pure tunes unmixed. download release was the 5th august, the cd should hit the streets in october.

download link is here:

AG 045 | the agriculture 2008
AG 046 | the agriculture 2008