contact istari lasterfahrer via this mail adress:

for booking use the same adress as above. contact me direct i have no booking agency, easy.

buying records or sending demos
recommanded place to buy my music on vinyl is sozialistischer-plattenbau.org – there are also plenty of records from other musicans, if you buy there you’re helping me to keep on releasing as a independent label and musican. but there are nice distributors or mailorders who stock my music as well. so if you think i am rich enough support them. you can send me demos as links to download them or at your website, you can try asking me look at your myspace profile, but 70% of the time i look there at a player it does not work or load painfull slow and i get disappointed and later forget about checking it again. most prefered media is a cd! but this may cost you money you could use for something other but i will listen to demos, although i am shy with critics and my schedule for the label is very tightened up.

you can drop comments on this site where you like, replies by me may follow or not, i delete all i don`t like.

icq, msn messanger, ichat etc
i don`t use these things…