Another Supper – Moniker Eggplant Benefit Compilation

Super Hyped! ANOTHER SUPPER compilation from Moniker Eggplant is released!
celebrating their 10th year of label history. i am on that release with a dubbiest tune that started as a dungeon dub research with farfisa disco string experiments. i am proud to be alongside with all the other friends and lovers like Mesak, Karsten Pflum, Debmaster, tosp, SELEKTOR55, Leise im Kran and many others on this selection.

and its not just a compilation to listen – This is a charity project: All proceeds will be donated to Mission Lifeline – an NGO rescuing and supporting refugees at the diverse European borders!

listen and get a copy!

Off the radar – MS Stubnitz

27.5. – 29.5.2022

playing saturday night at around 3 o clock right after Terrorrythmus on the off the radar on tour on the ms stubnitz in hamburg.

these people playing there too:
ANTI (HH) Benni Bo (HH) Berlin Blackouts (B) Bunga Girls (K) Camera (B) Die Nebenwirkung (HH) Drumbule (HH) DTKO (HB) DJ Fuß & Monsieur Le Schlö (HH) Elliver (B) Ey.rah (P) Infinte Livez (B) Jacki Jackpot (B) James Freud (HH) KR33P (H) Liiek (B) Lisaholic (B) MAG (SWE) Nite Of The Trill feat. Alphamob & Phonkycool (HH) Pogendroblem (GL) Ravi Kuma (CPH) RocknRosa (HH) Sportbrigade Sparwasser (B) Terrorythmus (L) Tony Draht (LG) Tripoptik (H) Twisk (HH) Stephen Paul Taylor (B)

Off The Radar Links: