Schiffbruch vs. sozialistischer plattenbau:
breakcore / grindcore / chopped up and twisted junglist house:
itty minchesta & atc
( / hh)
bruno & michel are smiling with skipper (adaadat / hh)
cannibal brothers
( dj team – schiffbruch crew / berlin)
obligatorisk tortyr (grindcore aus schweden)
electric kettle (peace off / frankreich/berlin)
Whos my saviour (grindcore / rostock-berlin)
istari lasterfahrer
bambam babylon bajash
( /köln)

dubstep / roots dub:
Tes la rok (finland)
Wadadda vs Yann Ignition
(roots dub intro ( Köln/hh)
Phokus (hh)
Deneh (hh)
Der Vinylizer (hh)
The Next (hh)
Mc Mindfuck (hh)

MS Stubnitz -Überseebrücke / U-Bahn Baumwall
Hamburg Hafen, Germany, Europe
6 euros – 8 euros after 12:00
starts at 10:00�

revue der gebückten

25.2.04 at the hfbk hamburg room 240 – harsh-noise, breakcore & hiphouse with :
error23, bruno&michel are smiling with skipper, 2wett, handbag/abba, istari lasterfahrer and mc seo. a happening to the 2004 diploma exhibition at the school for fine arts hamburg. completly free with free water. start around 20:30 h.

you can get a short clip of this show here

small tour in september

there is a small tour sheduled in september. i will hug on with the broostkrew
and snowsuit for three days hamburg, berlin and …
16.09. Germany Hamburg – Hafenklang
17.09. Germany Berlin – Kastanie
broostkrew is from hamburg and is doing a kind of hiphop punk electro show.
check their website at:
mr.snowsuit is from usa and does noize with vocals and beatz and good dance
performance i got told.�