Sample based, digital & electronic musican from hamburg. works on multiple fronts to decontextualization of sound material, the rupture of harmony conditions and artistic condensations. chairmen of the record label & mailorder sozialistischer plattenbau.

full length bio:
born in munich, raised in formely west berlin and finalised in hamburg in the late 80ies istari lasterfahrer started his high grade digital music career with low end 80ies computer hardware. been using harddisk recordings in early 90ies where everybody was using still midi equipment he got pissed by that because of lack of storage space and switched to soundtracker files. he throwed some loosy but nice jungle partys in hamburg around the years 94/95 and started at that time dropping his tunes into bbs systems and the early internet, got big respect world wide in the early internet community and joined one of the first high profiled web labels commie. his first live performance was a hell of a rush of early harsh jungle riddims released on a party together with steve buck and vincenzo at hamburgs number one venue rote flora which still definies whats up front and true to the scene. istari lasterfahrer released uncountable tunes and releases on high profiled underground labels such as complication#27, stoopid plastics, cavage, dhyana records, pck, sprengstoff, mental ind., watch and pray, mash records, cobretti, bruchstellen, marasm, agriculture, klangbad, komod.o dragon records, soniq and his own imprint sozialistischer plattenbau. istaris energetic live performances and whack dj sets have captivated audiences and artists worldwide with their innovative sound, a mixture of everything mixed with his up to date soundbwoy dub technics and the useally kaoss pad gimmicks everybody does these days. his self produced videos and movies has been shown world wide on different festivals such as dark matter in canada and the flensburger kurzfilmtage in schleswig holstein and are sometimes a mindblowing part of his live performance which fills the gap between visuall aestetics and shitty sounding soundsystems. he also killed three times bass speakers with his enormous high kinetic square subwave breaks on raves. istari also played at highly acclaimed festivals he cannot remember anymore because of the ultra intense aftershow partys after it. istari lasterfahrer reminds us all that digital music can make you fall apart of the mystery of your own soul…