modules coded in the year 1997

Inner City Fear
style: hardcore jungle | size: 390 kb
concrete urban music.

Ode 2 A Breakbeat
style: hardcore jungle | size: 670 kb
hpynotic pads and kung-fu amen mastery, with the sample of rudie.

style: hectic dnb jungle | size: 190 kb
well not realy hard stuff but very fast and frickle break work.

style: ravish breakbeat | size: 190 kb
a u4ia ripoff. i think i drunk some cider at this. happy hardcore like.

style: dark dub | size: 323 kb
the rest of our live…fighting…while a alien…has total controll over us. this track is dark doom metal hop.

style: weird jungle | size: 912 kb
belgium hardcorepunk goes dnb. very freak-out breaks here.

style: deranged disco funk | size: 276 kb
vegas and a mid tempo breakbeat. hey this is nice pop. yo with rewinds.

Back 2 Noise
style: hardcore jungle | size: 333 kb
hiphop gangstas meet jungle. saw bass served on amen tricks. back2front says hello.

The Crowd
style: hardcore jungle | size: 209 kb
i am putting dancers to the maximum test.

style: softcore jungle | size: 200 kb
stop and go breaks.

style: filtered dnb | size: 428 kb
filter breaks and half tempo stepping. well the bass later is a little bit to postitive for the start of the track. hm.

style: noise dnb | size: 152 kb
fast stepper. crank bass and whistle sounds.

style: hardcore jungle | size: 314 kb
hippie stuff. strange breaks… bad sound quality.

Kirk Rmx
style: hardcore jungle dnb | size: 428 kb
kirks nightmare remix. you better come down to the station house, your son is dead. he died of an overdose. step core.

Loud And Clear
style: breakbeat funk | size: 323 kb
this trackes uses a sample of a local hamburg hiphop radio show trailer. generic amen things

Mash Up
style: hardcore jungle | size: 124 kb
another very fast dancefloor killer

Moonshine Suprise
style: deranged dnb | size: 247 kb
wild breaks – dream scapes.

style: gabba jungle | size: 228 kb
crucifix and the gabba droids. well some sort of hardcore breakbeat.

style: cellar trip hop | size: 219 kb
german vocals and slow beats. a shorty.

Another Person
style: endless beats | size: 217 kb
super bouncing dance music in mid tempo. well i called this kind of sound gabba dub ounce.