well not exactly a istari lasterfahrer gig but error23 is going to bring his punkish amiga style to berlins east. i am exited of the great crew that plays along: something j, oracpack, hetzer, h-kon, poingi, rokkon and martin secundo.
all at the K9 | Kinzigstrasse 9 | Berlin-Friedrichshain on the 27.11.2004

mutate in belgium

istari lasterfahrer is heading towards belgium to join e.stonji ( phantomnoise, echochamber, spezialmaterial ), synthemes ( am records ), sgt. sonar ( bug klinik ), w-sap ( cydone, cornbine rec ), errorik ( mut_ate ), zeck ( mut_ate ) & mankment ( mut_ate ) at the factory, frederik burvenichstraat 171 in gentbrugge on the 6th of november 2004.


new crew of breakcore, free electronix, gabba, jungle and what ever capturing the hafenklang in hamburg for a party.
line up is:

escada, i cam & anonym
on the turnatables
istari lasterfahrer
live on pa
and maybe a special guest.
date is:
5th of november 2004
grosse elbstrasse 84