new crew of breakcore, free electronix, gabba, jungle and what ever capturing the hafenklang in hamburg for a party.
line up is:

escada, i cam & anonym
on the turnatables
istari lasterfahrer
live on pa
and maybe a special guest.
date is:
5th of november 2004
grosse elbstrasse 84

small tour in september

there is a small tour sheduled in september. i will hug on with the broostkrew
and snowsuit for three days hamburg, berlin and …
16.09. Germany Hamburg – Hafenklang
17.09. Germany Berlin – Kastanie
broostkrew is from hamburg and is doing a kind of hiphop punk electro show.
check their website at:
mr.snowsuit is from usa and does noize with vocals and beatz and good dance
performance i got told.�