Pulse Sequences

spindynamics003v.a.: pulsesequences – 12inch


A1 Defect Data – Sickquence
A2 Phaedrus – Meatballs
A3 Istari Lasterfahrer – Switchbay
B1 Fugo – ENDOR (Scheiß Woche Retuned)
B2 Midget – Angry Machines
B3 DJ Aneurysm – Delete Your Profile

spin dynamics 003 | spin dynamics 2013

Auf- & Zustände

classless kulla & istari lasterfahrer: auf- & zustände – 12inchspb12023-b

side 1:
Materie in Bewegung
LSD (Next to the River)
Der Film da Drin
Verschwörung der Gehirne

side 2:
Red Army Snipper
Es gibt kein Kommunismus weil es
Deutschland gibt
I’m Classless
Production Tide

spb12023 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2012

v.a. we bomb fi dub #5


v.a. : we bomb fi dub #5

side 1:
Mr.Boogie: Dirty Dub
Dipswitch: Plastic Smile

side 2:
Neurosis Orchestra: The Great British Swindle
Istari Lasterfahrer : Inner Immigration

spb12018 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2010

the system works because me work

double 12inch vinyl.

side 1:
get slick like hardcore shit
king size dub
mad dancers make art

side 2:
enjoy yourself
wanking with the darkside
jazz talks
die biene heinz

side 3:
sequenced to death
think negative, act positive
from here to there
tainted breaks

side 4:
till the break of dawning
bad boy come again
we are no robota

spb12017 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2009

dj marcelle : meets her soulmates at faust studio deejay laboratory


dj marcelle / another nice mess : Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory
– 2x12inch

A1 Jon E Cash Signature Tune: Untitled
A2 Various Production Phortune
A3 Chica And The Folder Kleines Hoppla
A4 Germ Sun Dub
A5 Hey-O-Hansen Abraxas
A6 Nettle Duende (DJ Scud’s In Chains Rmx)
A7 Queen Salawi Abeni & Her African Waka Modernisers Hausubilai
A8 Popcorn Tap-Moi-La
A9 Lenka Clayton George W. Bush ‘Letter A’
B1 Bong-Ra Murder You (Ruff Inna Jungle Rmx)
B2 Scream And Dance In Rhythm
B3 Bahk Revren Brown
B4 Quio Bratwurst
B5 Enduser Switch
B6 Sack & Blumm Sylvester Orchester 2000
B7 Kissogram , Ingeborg Schnabel Katze In Der Fensterbank
C1 MC Soom-T Delaware (Accapella)
C2 Tribe From Northern Zululand Mzingili
C3 Martin Atkins , China Dub Soundsystem Beijing Taxi
C4 Hey-O-Hansen Moon
C5 Nalpas Bad Thing
C6 Joan Of Ass I’m No Fake
C7 Jazzsteppa One
C8 Listen With Sarah Animal Boum!
D1 Best Fwends Bedroom Music
D2 Christy And Emily Ghost
D3 Ghislain Poirier Slow Fat (Maxim Robin Rmx)
D4 Bug, The , Warrior Queen Poison Dart (Original Mix)
D5 Sleeparchive Image Photometer
D6 Ecstasy Club Acid Chant
D7 Istari Lasterfahrer Charged 4 Ganja
D8 DJ I.R. Dump Step
D9 Gatundu Boys Ururu-Ruru Mwana
D10 Scout Niblett Uptown Top Ranking

klangbad37 | klangbad 2008



bruno & michel are smiling & skiperrr : c’mon – 12inch

side 1:
1. the red-haired man
2. such is live in the tropics
3. i´m gonna live till i die
4. wedding night
5. ring a ring o ’rosis
6. bombardment of lipgloss

side 2:

1. GERMLIN remix
2. DJ SCOTCH EGG remix
(Puked Full Of Rosies)

spb12014 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2008