Stubnitz Countdown


The countdown is on! At the 10th of october 2014 at 23:59 p.m. our crowdfunding campaign for the saving of the Motorship Stubnitz ends. Your participation is overwhelming! Together with you we have reached our minimal target of €50.000. Thanks so much!! For this reason we invite you all to the supporter party on friday.

We are curious about the final donation amount – now we can pay back the loan we had for the down payment to the wharf, but there is still the rest to pay. So share and donate if you have not done it yet:

Entrance fee is free for Crowdfunders, for every other guest we kindly ask for a donation (all proceeds will be used for the payment of the docking)


Die Vogelperspektive (Auditive/ Zuckerclub)

Ralf Köster (Hamburg, Pudel)

Mark Boombastik

116 Inaktiv (Latenz)

Der Mädchen & das Junge (Bremen/ Oldenburg)

Istari Lasterfahrer (Hamburg)

Thomas Hafenklang

Noel XIV (Leipzig, Hotel Discordia)

Konisch Blank LIVE

Terrorrythmus (Latenz)

Marlene Rehs