Road Cutz

personal documentary. showing venues and places i went to while playing gigs between 2004 – 2008. featuring following people who played with me: tom & dan, acidboychair, handbag/abba, big joan, error23, T.R.T, cora s (soory for the end liner notes!), bambam bajasch, lfo demon & doc d2n8, dj dmdn, istari lasterfahrer, general levy, hellfish, st.acid, monkey stake, something j, error23
shot in dresden, london, hamburg, calbe, bristol, berlin, jena, tilburg, augsburg, krakau, freiburg, kopenhagen, moen, falster, basel, bielefeld and trains between with shows at electrowerkz bangface, golden pudel mfoc, ak47, k9, überdruck, clash of the titans supermolly, crackbeats #9, subversion, tresor.

Road Cutz from istari lasterfahrer on Vimeo.