modules coded in the year 1998

style: raggae | size: 152 kb
a loop work. has been released on the inner city fear ep.

style: electronic sounds | size: 92 kb
this is a strange dance music track.

style: jungle dub | size: 577 kb
drum and dub – again fast breaks !

style: hiphop jungle | size: 654 kb
not more to say about it. oh yes there is a big brass part in it.

Dread Day
style: hardcore jungle | size: 823 kb
remixing my own shit. harder and harder.

style: jungle dub | size: 1306 kb
settled down tempo dubby breaks.

style: Happy Hardcore | size: 386 kb
Hardcore Rave Joke – Soundsystem rocking !

style: Jungle | size: 519 kb
refuse the pop music industrie – the original version of the track from my first 7inch.

style: Instrumental Rap | size: 334 kb
against stupid rnb muzak. instrumental rp? ha ha.

In The Sox
style: Soul Funk | size: 481 kb
the bassline is in the sox. that was a dancefloor funk tryout.

style: jungle dnb | size: 363 kb
remix of a track by lehma, who is now known as dj sport.

style: hardcore jungle dnb | size: 779 kb
krash babylon.

No Krak
style: hardcore jungle | size: 719 kb
under me sleng – under me sleng. ragga jungle.

Pirate Radio
style: hardcore jungle | size: 545 kb
hymn to pirate radio stations. changes from tekkno to jungle.

Jungle Cream
style: chip jungle | size: 17 kb
jungle track made out of little bitz and loops.

style: intelligent jungle | size: 856 kb
more or less psytrance jungle? hm hm.
Reclaim The Streets
style: future mix | size: 1276kb
tuffy jungle with multiple tribe styles inside.
style: trip hop | size: 156 kb
based on a balinese flute sample. when this track is played in repeat each new repeat changes the track speed !

style: trance jungle | size: 499 kb
kicking it with the rolling stones piano line.

style: raggae jungle | size: 779 kb
roots raggae meets jungle. you know the heptons ? this track is dedicated to them.

style: hardcore jungle | size: 156 kb
dedicated to dj heimkind from hamburg.

What We Do
style: hardcore jungle | size: 630 kb

Another Brain
style: Dark Groove | size: 190 kb
cruel low tempo gabba dub.

style: hardcore jungle | size: 551 kb
happy hardcore fever. this one is released on the inner city fear ep in a slightly different version.

At_The Longe
style: lounge trip hop | size: 228 kb
no comments.

style: deranged Illtechno | size: 257 kb
with some german tv vocal sample of the ozzi.

style: Horror Melodies | size: 190 kb

style: hardcore jungle | size: 228 kb
0815 jungle d&b.

That_Is Why
style: hardcore jungle | size: 300 kb
yeah yeah yeah !!!