hey mr.dj

hey mr. dj.mp3

size: 2,1 mb
date: 29.12.2000

commie026 release: Straight drum&bass for a change. Hi-fi beat meets lo-fi breaks. (So, this is either “fi-fi” or “lo-hi”.)

a review from archive.org:

Reviewer: simon c – 4 out of 5 stars – October 17, 2003
Subject: lo-fi ragga jungle action

Intentionally lo-fi (64kbps), but some seriously deranged ragga jungle Amen action – if you like Congo Natty and their like, then you might dig this – sure, it’s not home listening music, but it works. 🙂



size: 3,7 mb
date: 3.7.2000

commie web label release 004a. UPay4 samples old hardcore and mixes it to jungle. The end-result is punk-step according to the author. Lasterfahrer is the god of the schizophrenic lo-fi jungle. This tune was previously released on a vinyl EP by his own record label, Sosialistischer Plattenbau. Because the record has been sold out, he kindly let Commie to re-release the tune.
this tune was original done on a soundtracker programm and been released together with master of beo on the first spb release.

modules coded in the year 1999

style: soundscaping beats | size: 647 kb
this track is 14 minutes long.

style: experiment hop | size: 510 kb
just guitar pling samples and a break. more triphopish.

style: Maniac Dance Music | size: 282 kb
original done in 1996 but released in 1999.

style: Dub | size: 114 kb

style: strange jungle | size: 478 kb
with the use of some far-east bits of music.

style: techstep | size: 928 kb
choping some us police radio samples.

style: hardcore jungle | size: 557 kb

style: techstep | size: 1135 kb

style: hardcore jungle | size: 534 kb

style: techstep | size: 691 kb
the year 2000 computer glitch? does it happend or just a hoax?

style: Maniac Dance Music | size: 630 kb
feat. mister spock from starship enterprise. dubby.

style: Demo Pop Music | size: ??? kb
dedicated to computer viruses!

style: Intelligent Jungle | size: 212 kb
a remix of the chip tune delta by ddt, which was indeed a rework of the commodore64 song by R. Hubbard.

style: Jungle | size: 1130 kb
poppy jungle music.

style: Dark Dnb | size: 568 kb
orchestral destruction drum and bass.