v.a. $kill$ music


istari lasterfahrer : master of beo – 7inch

side 1:
bruno&michel are smiling with skipper : faith
istari lasterfahrer: they don`t give a tiny, bad smeling piece about us

side 2:
moonwhacker: phoney
saoulaterre: i wish i was a greyface
redcode: bad

side 3:
parasite : mj crash
hayate & pioughd: zecke over neverland

side 4:
minus ktv: c.r.e.a.m
error23 & repogrrl: no shot till money drop

spb7005/6 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2002

pofpof – brainwashed

1.juni 2002 is the jungle party again in that ex-scientology building on the
steindamm 61 st.georg hamburg. beside other fameous acts istari going to rock
the place featuring the infamous mc beo ( feat. at the first spb single ).

line up on this night:
DJ Rolex
DJ DC Schuhe
Darkwingst Dick
General Surgeon
Istari Lasterfahrer
MC Eye
Mad Maxamon
Mark Boombastik
MC Beo
and visual stuff by Jim Avignon

v.a. cavage 10 : Galeries Paralleles


v.a. : cavage 10 – 12inch

side 1:
1 No-Tek : Communication
2 Shift : Vicious
3 Strytch9 : Radiofucker
4 Dan Hekate : Reeaalloooppfairize
5 MC Alec : Outro

side 2:
1 Jean Marron, Renee Fonk : J’aime Pas La Nartekno
2 DJRND3 Crew : Don’t Stick To The Bit, Don’t Forget The Clit
3 Poussebouton : NB2-1
4 Gorki Plubakter : Bonne Comme Un Bo-Bun
5 Istari Lasterfahrer : In Unity (If All The Kids Get Invited, They Never Dance Divided)
6 Istari Lasterfahrer : Reject The System (Digitalized Crucifix In 2001)

cav010 | cavage 2002

Istari rocked in Hamburg

Istari and two other nice projects played live in the ex-scientology central
building now for the summer 2002 artgenda center in st.georg, steindamm,
hamburg. that happend on 3.5.2002. repogrrrl and istari in off/ffm
thats happend in begin of 2002. repogrrrl and istari played at the plattenbau
club in off/ffm. featuring their multisensoric soccertable game. was a brilliant
night down in frankfurt.�

v.a. bio[me]tricks


v.a. : bio[me]tricks – 12inch

side 1:
eiterherd: sick
subdual vs.antiartich:ACABOADCIAGC
brunoandmichelaresmiling: look at all these lovely colorfull bubbles
yppasswdd daemons: stunde um stunde
dr.eck: butchers society
istari lasterfahrer: kill the root
low entropy: they live

side 2:
istari lasterfahrer: my first implant
josef + gorki plubakter: stop! arretons de nous vendre
alexdee: for o.s. (persAuswG$1 Absatz 4-mix)
5xpi: apostasy
slackism: phatologisches wohl

spb12001 | sozialistischer plattenbau 2002

Istari live in Hamburg !

on fryday, the 25.01.02, the new e-label cobretti makes a release party at the
hamburger schilleroper.they just released a cd compilation with elektronik
youngster stuff from hamburg…me on it too.

PLEMO – toy-music.
ARNI – russia homeorgler und guitar-elvis-grind.
TRAUMAKIND – beeps, clongs, elektroteppich and palm-drills.
MIKRON 64 (via telephone live) – with vocoder hymnen.
LOS STILETTOS – trashkompressing und art-spam.
8-bit music with polyboy. from desks.
starts at 21o clock.�